Join Robyn on this workshop to learn a unique method which can help create a change in behaviour, relationship, performance, well-being and trust with your own animals or those that you work with.

"I came to the workshop last November filled with a confusion of various dog training methods and still on the look-out for an approach to better understanding my dogs. TTouch turned on its head so much of what I had accepted as gospel—things like dominance behaviour, pack animals and “you have to be the leader”. I used to worry that if I got sick the dogs would take over as leaders…that sort of thing..

Well due to TT we now have such a thing as mutual relationship. We communicate. They have become happier and healthier."

Susannah B - Melbourne, 2012

What to expect on your TTouch workshop: 

One thing is for sure, each and every TTouch Companion Animal training is different. The dogs and other animals that are brought by the participants add a unique flavor to each week and no matter how many clinics you attend, you always walk away with some new insight in animal behavior and new tools to help solve common as well as not so common issues.

Dogs represent the majority of animals at most clinics and you will learn to see their posture, body language, calming signals, gait and behavior with new eyes. The same assessments are applied to other animals with minor variations. Observation and evaluation are followed by a hands-on exploration of the animal’s body (if the animal is ready to be touched safely) to find areas of tension, soreness or change in the body. 

During days 1 to 3 participants will get the opportunity to TTouch many different dogs that the group have brought along, honing their observation skills and using the TTouches to help the animals overcome issues, physical and emotional. On days 4 and 5 we will be spending time with Guide Dogs Victoria continuing to learn but also helping their dogs from puppies through to adults. It is a great opportunity in helping improve some of the success they can have in bringing dogs through their program. Completion of 5 days contributes to TTouch certification if pursued.

About your teacher -  Robyn Hood

In 1982 Robyn became involved full-time with the TTEAM and TTouch work which was developed by her sister Linda. Since 1986 she has been teaching TTEAM and TTouch on a full-time basis in Canada, the US, Europe, South Africa and Australia and spends about 160 days a year traveling. Robyn has given demonstrations and lectures at various venues including Equitana USA, Australia and Germany; Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan; International Humane Society Conference in Vienna; Murdoch University in Perth and the Australian Pet Dog Trainers Association conference.

What problems do we use TTouch for?

Tellington TTouch addresses many underlying reasons for poor behaviour and health conditions and due to this the range of situations and issues it can help is wide ranging. Some common topics are:

Some of the techniques you will learn

Body wraps have continued to develop with our use in different situations. Helping physical pain and movement problems, fears, phobias and anxieties to hyperactive and destructive dogs that find it difficult to settle. Although we are not wrapping up dogs like the image just there, Thundershirts were developed out of wraps to commonly help with storm and firework issues. You will get to feel what it is like for yourself too.

The hands on body work or TTouches as they are commonly known allows us to not only find out more about what issues might be held in the body but to have a positive influence on the nervous system to allow for deeper relaxation and physical organisation.

Book now to secure your place in this unique opportunity.

You can reserve a spot by paying in full or part pay, however full payment is required by one week prior to the workshop commencing.

Attendees may bring dogs for Nov 23-25, although assessment for suitability will need to be confirmed first through the intake form after you register. No outside dogs will be allowed at the Guide Dogs Nov 26-27.

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FOR COMPANION ANIMALS: Nov 23 - 27, Melbourne

Presents  Robyn Hood

Groundwork or the playground for higher learning and leash handling techniques go hand in hand. They allow for an animal to come into better physical balance.

And much more......

Pulling on lead

....  yes we work

 on helping dogs

Helping aging dogs

Arthritis, cognition, 

balance and more

Improving movement

for show sports and


Fears and phobias



Excessive barking



Pain and injuries,

Surgery recovery

I hate it when my chicken pulls on lead

November 23-25 Camberwell

November 26-27 Guide Dogs, Kew

9:30am - 4:30pm each day

Signup for the course through the link below. Further enquiries can be made through Tim Munro (mob) 0401133355 (email) tim (at) 

5 Day Companion Animal Training

Tellington TTouch with Robyn Hood

$750 credit card or direct deposit

Who is the workshop suitable for: 

Trainers and Behaviourists

Simple tools to help change behaviour problems like fear, anxiety, hyperactivity and enable animals to learn more effectively.


Resolves fear around grooming issues including general grooming, nail clipping and specific body parts being touched.

Medical Care

Supports veterinary care, pre and post surgery, injury and movement issues, aging conditions.

Animal owners

Build a deeper relationship through trust and support, plus help problem issues like car sickness, pulling on lead, barking and more.